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Data Analytics for Engineering and Manufacturing

Data Analytics for Engineering and Manufacturing

Join us for an online training on the application of Data Science & Machine Learning (ML) to Engineering and Manufacturing. There are several everyday life ML examples such as spam filtering, recommendation engines and fraud detection systems. These applications of ML simplify routine tasks, making our lives more productive, enjoyable or safe.
In this course we will focus on engineering-related use-cases like e.g. ML-based process improvement, Expert Emulation, Digital Twins, Predictive Maintenance, and so on.
The Altair Knowledge Works platform allows Engineers an efficient entry into the world of Data Science to speed up and improve their challenging development tasks. After this workshop you’ll understand the general workflow for Data Science projects, as well as the different methods used. Furthermore, you will be able to approach first Data Science applications using Altair’s Data Science & Machine Learning tools. The gained knowledge will help you to identify and evaluate promising ML use cases in the engineering domain.

  • Introduction, Motivation
  • Use-cases for Data Analytics in Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Discussion about potential applications
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Hands-on using Altair Knowledge Studio
  • Introduction to CRISP-DM
  • Data Science Soft Skills: Important things you don't find in books
  • Convergence of Machine Learning and Engineering
  • Capstone Project
Class Format
  • Online, Instructor led
  • 2 days - 2 sessions per day, being 2 hours from 09:30 - 11:30 and 13:30 - 15:30 (CET)
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises using Altair Knowledge Works
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Tel.: +49-7031-6208-22

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