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CONVERSE Fundamentals Training

CONVERSE is an easy-to-use software that provides a coupling between FEM solvers for injection molding simulation and solvers for mechanical simulation. A mapping of anisotropic part properties like fiber orientations, degree of orientations, weld lines and residual stresses as well as a mapping of scalars like pressures, temperatures, heat transfer coefficients wall thicknesses and shrinkage + warpage is possible.

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Converse_Logo.pngTraining Agenda


  • Mapping of fiber orientations, weld lines, pressures, temperatures, residual stresses, shrinkage wall thicknesses for shell elements and warpage
  • Mapping between different mesh topologies

Program Interface

  • Graphical evaluation of mapping quality
  • 3D-visualization and manipulation of the imported models and results
  • Material Data Base
Anisotropic Material Model Calibration
  • Calculation of the anisotropic material properties of the composite based on fiber and matrix data

Evaluation of Anisotropic Strength Analyses

  • More accurate results of part stiffness and strength compared to isotropic approaches

Who should attend?
Computational Engineers and CAE Manager from all industry sectors, who manufacture injection molded short-fiber-reinforced plastics parts and have to...

  • conduct strength assessments for such parts
  • overmold heat- /pressure sensitive inserts and are responsible for the integrity the molded parts
  • determine mold deformations and strength

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