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ChassisSim Bootcamp

2 Day Physical Training Agenda

Getting going with ChassisSim. The multibody vehicle dynamics software that allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineers to simulate all aspects of vehicle behavior well before the car turns its wheels.

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Day 1
  • Car Measurement and hand calculation basics.
  • How to construct a car and circuit model. This includes entering a setup, creating a monster file from data and refining the car and circuit model.
  • Tyre modeling basics. How to create a tyre model from nothing using the tyre force modeling toolbox to refine the results.
  • How to construct an aero model. This includes hand calculations and using the aero modeling toolbox.
  • Using the shaker rig toolbox. How to use it to improve car performance.
  • Using the track replay simulation. In particular, using it for model validation.
Day 2
  • You apply all this to your car with ChassisSim staff guiding you through the process.
Who should attend?
Motorsport engineers/ OEM Vehicle dynamics engineers

Download ChassisSim and install on your machine
Hardware: Standard laptop
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