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Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques

Santos® Pro is a feature-rich human modeling and simulation environment. For those unfamiliar with the use of Santos® predictive digital human models, our 2 ½ day Introductory Santos® Pro course, taught by experts from the Santos® Institute in a lecture, demonstration, hands-on workshop format, provides a highly effective means for our clients to gain a working knowledge of the broad range of Santos® capabilities.

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Training Agenda
  • Interface Basics (initial setup, window docking, project properties, hot keys, 3d interactive tools and concepts, etc.)
  • Santos® Analysis Suite including the World’s Most Accurate, Most Highly Validated Method of Prediction Exposure to Risk of Injury
  • Digital Human Character (avatar) Basics and Associated interactive Tools
  • Use and Modification of Avatar Profiles (Strength, Weight, Anthropometry, Flexibility, etc.)
  • Introduction to Santos® Predictive Models Provides insight into Basic Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques for Predicting Human Physical Behavior and Performance)
  • Introduction to Santos® Predictive Grasp Models (Precision, Power, Whole Body, etc.) showcases the World’s most sophisticated predictive hand model.
  • Santos® Predictive Model Constraint Basics are critical for human-in-the-loop assessment and include Avoidance of Obstacle and Self Collision as well as Avoidance of Vision Occlusion.
  • External Geometry Basics (Import, Export, Scene Graph, hierarchical grouping, translation, rotation, scale, end-user defined range of motion limits, etc.)
  • Use of Santos® Predictive Models as Design Tools (Zone Differentiation, N-Dimensional Task Goal Evaluation, Task Sequencer)
  • Advanced (Predictive) Inverse Kinematics uses Santos® Predictive Models to ensure realism while interactively directing human activities

Who should attend?
While the course assumes some familiarity with interactive 3D environments (ProE, 3D Studio, Maya, Creo, or even 3D computer games, for example), anyone can become familiar with the concepts and techniques presented and the lecture/demonstration/hands on format of the Introductory Santos® Pro Course, taught by the World's foremost experts from the Santos® Institute, is the most effective means of gaining a working knowledge of Santos® technologies.
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