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EVOLVE – Geometry Creation

EVOLVE – Geometry Creation

Model, explore and present with Evolve’s class leading modeling and photorealistic rendering tools. Evolve offers the ultimate modeling freedom with its unique combination of solid parametric modeling, organic surfacing, and polygonal modeling tools all coupled with state-of-the-art rendering and animation tools.

Join our expert training staff for two days of hands-on training, demos, exercises, and more.

  • Day 1 – User Interface and Introduction
    • Preferences (units, tolerances, dimensions)
    • Controls
    • Modeling Views
    • Construction Tree
    • World Browser
    • Layers
    • Working Modes
    • Introduction to the tools
    • Introduction to NURBS
  • Day 2 - 2D and 3D Modeling
    • NURBS curves and preferences
    • Curve tools
    • NURBS surfaces and preferences
    • Editing surfaces
    • Surfaces to solids
    • Editing solids
    • Analysis tools
    • 2D drawing basic setup
    • Import / Export
  • Day 3 - Freeform Modeling and Rendering
    • Introduction to PolyNURBS
    • PolyNURBS creation and editing
    • PolyNURBS + traditional modeling
    • Basic topology reconstruction
    • Introduction to Rendering module
    • Environment and Material basic setup
    • Rendering output setup

Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie bitte
In case of any questions please contact

Paola Ledermann
E-Mail: trainings@altair.de
Tel.: +49-7031-6208-22

Kosten: (3 days): (incl. seminar materials, lunch, Seminarunterlagen, Mittagessen, refreshments, plus VAT)
1.650 EUR commercial participants
150 EUR students and university employees
No classes scheduled

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