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With the NVH Director HyperWorks provides a customized environment for automotive NVH modeling and analysis needs. A number of integrated components help NVH users to execute a true full vehicle analysis process efficiently.

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Automotive Noise and Vibration Analysis involves some of the largest and most complex models being used for Finite Element Analysis. Models regularly involve millions of finite elements, with thousands of components and properties, along with the connections between those components.

Altair NVH Director is the most advanced true full-vehicle NVH solution, bringing benefits of highly sophisticated NVH simulation capabilities to NVH users:

  • Object-oriented assembly environment: enables users to manage subsystem representations, 3D display, FE entity ID numbering, connection properties and assembly definition in a modularized manner for ease of handling and debugging

  • Integrated solution: facilitates efficient execution of all aspects of the full-vehicle NVH process, including subsystem meshing and assembly, NVH event simulation loadcases and solutions, and problem diagnostics and optimization

  • Specialized NVH functionalities: simplified workflow for creating and managing lumped parameter models, complex mounts and joints needed for simulating suspension and driveline; acoustic cavity meshing for fluid structure interaction analysis, and creating a coarse display mesh for simplified 3D display

  • OptiStruct solver: OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings. It is the market-leading solution for structural design and optimization. OptiStruct provides unique and advanced functionalities for NVH analysis and optimization, including Auto-TPA analysis, a large scale Eigen solver (AMSES), several model reduction techniques, design sensitivities and ERP response, which makes it easy to optimize structures for NVH performance

  • Problem diagnostics and study: powerful post-processing utilities for understanding the physical root causes of NVH problems, and identifying sensitive parameters through quick what-if studies

  • Optimization ready solutions for when you are ready to make the leap from simply solving a problem to simulation driven design optimization

  • Latest simulation technologies: enhances users experience by leveraging browser, connector, data manager, process manager technologies

"This ML-Studio process automation solution with HyperWorks improves the quality of our NVH process and the productivity of our team a lot."

–Dr. Dietmar Jennewein, Team Manager NVH

Adam Opel AG

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NVH Director Process Flow NVH Director Assembly Environment Transfer Path Analysis – Colormap Plots Grid Participation – Response Study NVH Director – Analysis Manager Optimized Exterior Acoustic Response Muffler Model Fluid Grid Participation Plot
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HyperMesh provides powerful geometry interfaces and a meshing engine that creates high quality component models quickly and easily, whether done interactively or in a batch process. Managing include files and connectors, model browsing, and control of model display are key functionalities required to manage these large, complex models.

Our solution provides an integrated simulation environment for true full vehicle NVH simulation. It includes a number of integrated components to help NVH users execute a typical full vehicle analysis process efficiently, and enhance their ability to drive product design and performance:

  • Acoustic cavity meshing and fluid structure interface

  • Coarse display meshing

  • Batching meshing and welding of subsystems

  • Door seals and windshield bonding creation

  • Mass trimming

  • Templated lumped parameter models

  • Joints modeling using enhanced CBUSH element

  • NVH local coordinate systems management

  • Templated loadcase creation

  • Subsystem model preparation

    • Add spider

    • Add plotel

    • Re-position/re-orient

    • Assign damping


Beyond the standard HyperMesh functionalities, NVH Director provides a new object-oriented assembly environment that has been created to enable modularized management of vehicle subsystems:

Subsystem representations

  • Seamless switching among multiple representations (FE/Modal/FRF) for each subsystem

  • Subsystem design can be easily updated by pointing to a new representation file

Connector states

  • Multiple connector property states can be selected use based on loadcase

Visual display in 3D graphics

  • Switch between a full FE or a coarse mesh display

  • Full show/hide/isolate/find unattached capabilities

  • Multiple display modes for connection/input/response/plot points

Assembly network view

  • An alternative way to work with modules and connections in assembly

  • Best for reviewing assembly topology and connectivity

ID management

  • Validate ID range assigned to each subsystem to ensure it is not in conflict with other subsystems (inter-module) and with its include file (intra-module)

Assembly data in nested xml files

  • Assembly information can be saved in sub-xml files

  • Allows sub-assemblies to be owned by responsible parties for quick updates

  • Enable multiple discipline modeling and optimization framework


The powerful, flexible and customizable post-processing tools of HyperWorks cover all the needs of a noise and vibration analyst, from animating deformations to ranking participation results. All standard outputs used in noise and vibration analysis are supported.

In addition, NVH Director provides powerful post-processing utilities for understanding the physical root causes of NVH problems, and identifying sensitive parameters through quick what-if studies.

Full set of integrated post-processing utilities:

  • Integrated diagnostics

  • Modal/Panel participation from both system and CMS SE component modes

  • Grid participation

  • Energy distribution

  • Transfer path analysis

  • Order Analysis

These tools enable engineers to obtain a full understanding of physical root causes by leveraging mathematical cause-effect relationships and identify sensitive parameters through quick what-if studies. As a result, NVH Director significantly reduces physical testing by running many iterations in CAE simulation, and improves the value of testing by helping the engineer learn more from simulation.

Analysis and Optimization

OptiStruct is a modern general purpose FE solver, and a worldwide leader in advanced NVH analysis, capable of solving the largest problems at the highest speed possible. It provides advanced features, such as coupled structure-fluid analysis, superelement reduction, advanced diagnostic output, and optimization capabilities that are needed to tackle the most complicated NVH problems in many industries – automotive, aerospace, rail, industrial equipment, ship building, and electronics to name a few.

AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics is a tool for the calculation of sound radiation in free field from vibrating structures such as engines and power units using the Wave Based Technique (WBT).

Coustyx from ANSOL is an analysis software that integrates Advanced Boundary Element formulations with Fast Multipole Method to yield fast, accurate solutions to very large problems in Acoustics, across a wide frequency range.

Insight+ from Brüel & Kjær allows NVH analysis and playback to calculate, listen to and modify individual noise and vibration contributions from your test data and/or CAE models in the full frequency range, bringing a realistic experience of NVH characteristics forward in the design process.

SEAM® from Cambridge Collaborative is a software for studying the dynamic response of complex structures at mid and high frequencies. SEAM is used to predict interior noise and vibration in automobiles, aircraft, and construction equipment cabs as well as the radiated noise from ships and the vibroacoustic environments for spacecraft.

AlphaCell from Matelys is a complete and accurate TMM/FTMM solution that allows simulation of the vibro-acoustic response of multi-layer trims under various sound excitations (airborne, structure borne, turbulent boundary layer).

EFEA from MES can perform mid to high frequency vibration and acoustic simulations for complex structural – acoustic systems.

VMAP from TechPassion bridges this gap between virtual prototyping and experimentation in the product design cycle. VMAP is used in various design stages as a design, diagnosis and manufacturing quality assurance tool.


NVH Director provides an integrated simulation environment for true full vehicle NVH simulation. It includes a number of integrated components to help NVH users execute a typical full vehicle analysis process efficiently, and enhance their ability to drive product design and performance.

Interface to PLM systems

  • Geometry and non-geometry CAD data


  • Batch meshing, cavity meshing, coarse display meshing of subsystems

  • Managing subsystem representations and IDs, as well as connection property states

Event simulation management

  • Loadcase and Analysis definition

Job Management

  • Provide a list of all jobs creates as part of a project

  • Provide a record of why each job was run and how the model was setup

  • Provide an ease access to result file generated in each job


  • AMSES eigen solver

  • PEAKOUT peak filtering

  • CMS and CDS SE dynamic reduction

  • Enhanced bushing element

Problem diagnostics

  • A full set of integrated post-processing utilities - modal/panel participation from both system and CMS SE component modes, grid participation, transfer path analysis, and order analysis

  • Response study – investigate effects of varying modal, grid participation, transfer function, force, etc


  • Identify sensitive design variables through what-if studies

  • Use reduced representations for non-design subsystems to reduced run time

Offered Solutions

Several functionalities of the NVH Director is available in the standard HyperWorks package. There is also a separate and complete NVH solution through Packaged Solution Offering (PSO):

Standard HyperWorks Package


  • Cavity Mesher

  • Coarse Mesher

  • Loadcase setup process managers in generic HyperMesh mode

  • OptiStruct NVH functionalities

  • Post-processing utilities (all but ‘Integrated Diagnostics')

    • Modal/Panel Participation

    • Grid Participation

    • Energy Distribution

    • Transfer Path Analysis

    • Design Sensitivity Analysis

    • Order Analysis

Altair PSO for automotive NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) simulation includes:


  • HyperMesh - NVH user profile under ‘Engineering Solutions’

    • Assembly browser

    • Network view

    • Analysis manager

    • Job manager

    • Loadcase setup process managers in NVH user profile mode

  • HyperView/HyperGraph - Integrated Diagnostics utility


  • Quick start video

  • Instructor-led class

  • Tailored course

  • On-site expert help


  • Generic

  • Special request

Project Engagement

  • Engage Altair ProductDesign NVH experts to execute a customer project

Complementary Solutions

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