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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
28.03.2017-30.03.2017Stuttgart/ Germany Industry Event EMV 2017
30.03.201710:00 am ET Webinar CADdoctor Use Cases for Ideal CAE Data Preparation
04.04.2017-06.04.2017Hamburg Industry Event AIX 2017
05.04.20179:00 am EDT Webinar HyperWorks 2017: CFD with AcuSolve (9 am EDT)
05.04.20172:00 pm EDT Webinar HyperWorks 2017: CFD with AcuSolve (2 pm EDT)
12.04.20179:00 am EDT Webinar HyperWorks 2017: Optimization Driven Design (9 am EDT)
12.04.20172:00 pm EDT Webinar HyperWorks 2017: Optimization Driven Design (2 pm EDT)
19.04.201710am EDT / 4pm CEST Webinar Overcoming Challenges in 5G Antenna Design, Radio Coverage & Channel Analysis with FEKO & WinProp
19.04.2017Crown Plaza
Bursa, Turkey
Altair Event Turkey Altair Technology Conference 2017
19.04.201710 am EDT Webinar System-Level Optimization: Altair's Multibody Solutions
24.04.2017-28.04.2017Hannover Industry Event Hannover Messe 2017
26.04.2017Budapest, Hungary Industry Event Numerical Simulation in Product Development – NAFEMS Activities in Eastern Europe
15.05.2017-17.05.2017Prague Industry Event Modelica
16.05.2017Warwick, UK Altair Event ATCx Pre & Post-Processing
16.05.2017Warwickshire, UK Altair Event Productivity Gains through 'Best-in-Class' Pre & Post Processing
25.05.2017Katowice, Poland Altair Event ATCx Poland
30.05.2017-31.05.2017Nuremberg Industry Event AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO 2017
30.05.2017-31.05.2017Würzburg Industry Event Anwendertreff Leichtbau
18.06.2017-22.06.2017Frankfurt/ Germany Industry Event ISC High Performance 2017
20.06.2017-22.06.2017Berlin Industry Event CWIEME Berlin
Frankenthal, Germany
Altair Event 9th European ATC
19.09.2017British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire Altair Event UK Altair Technology Conference 2017

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